British Social Life and Institution – Transportation

This topic is talking about transportation in the Great Britain. The first video is a vlog from an Englishman taking public transports in England. Watch it, and make a comparison with the public transports in Indonesia, specifically in Bandung.

Your assignment is to make a similar vlog talking about one kind of public transport in Bandung. Here are the steps about the vlog assignment:

  1. Choose only ONE kind of public transport. You can discuss about online public transport such as Go-Jek, Grab, or Uber.
  2. Before you explain about how the public transport works, you need to talk about one similar public transport in England or Great Britain. After that you compare with the public transport in Bandung that you’re going to talk. For example, you can begin your vlog with, “England is famous with its underground, or as we call it, underground trains. We don’t have that here in Bandung; but we have diesel trains that take us from Bandung to Cicalengka and they only cost IDR 5,000, or GBP 0.26.”
  3. The vlog can consist of how to get on the public transport, the situation inside it, how much it costs, where people can get them, and your opinions about it.
  4. Every member in one group MUST take turns in becoming the host of the vlog, becoming either the hosts or narrators.
  5. The vlog should be 3-5 minutes long, not more.
  6. You can edit your vlog as creative as possible, yet the vlog still delivers information well.
  7. Upload the vlog to your class Instagram account, with multiply videos (one posting with several videos so viewers can swipe).
  8. The deadline of this assignment is on Sunday, 18 February 2018 at 11.59 p.m. By 12 a.m., 1 point will be taken per day for late assignments.