Language in Societes – Being Polite as a Variable in Speech

Politeness is a good manner, etiquette, behaviour expected to be implemented when having interactions with others. Politeness may be acceptable in one culture or community, and considered rude or unacceptable in others. Watch this video to understand more about politeness, face, and face threatening acts.

How to Become a News Reader

I made these videos a while back when I taught Speaking to the 5th semester students. I chose news reading as their final assignment, because I believed they would practise their speaking skills, including intonations, tones, speed, pronunciations, and expressions by reading news. It came to my mind that I needed to record their performances for the next reference. From the students’ videos, I collected scenes that could be categorised into the dos and the don’ts in reading news. I hope the videos will be beneficial for those who are trying to become news readers.

Part 1 – The Dos

Part 2 – The Don’ts

Part 3 – Full News Reading